Exploring the Basics of Astrology

Last week’s podcast with psychic Chris Medina literally gave us goosebumps with stories of his experiences as a medium. I immediately texted Liz after the episode to get details on how to set up my own reading – no joke!

Chris obviously has a gift that is one-of-a-kind, but some of the insight he shares with clients is actually attainable without any sort of special skill or ability. Astrology is a tool that can be used to help us understand our personality, relationships with others, and situations in our lives. Although astrology does not qualify as being a validated science, it can still be a fun and interesting way to make sense of our world and experiences.

Even though just about everyone knows their astrological sign, few of us actually have a full understanding of how our astrological profiles are determined. There’s a lot to unpack with astrology, so let’s break it down.

How does astrology work?

The basic idea of astrology is that the alignment of the stars, planets, and moon affects our mood, personality, and circumstances. All people have a different astrological profile that is based on the specific alignment at their time of birth. When you use tools to determine your birth chart, you will typically need to know your birth date, specific time of birth, and place of birth.

Astrology does not create our environment or circumstances, but it can indicate situations that are likely to occur. Think of it this way: When a clock says 5:00, we can likely presume that traffic is going to be heavy. The clock itself is not creating the traffic, but it provides us with a cue for a likely situation. Similar to the movement of the hands on a clock, astrology uses the motions of the planets to provide us with similar indicators.  Therefore, astrology should be used as a tool for self-knowledge but never as a set-in-stone guide.

What can astrology teach us?

Like a clock, astrology is helpful for understanding patterns in our lives and particular tendencies. Our astrological profile can reveal behavioral patterns that can be damaging or warn us of possible challenges we may experience in the future.

The insight from astrology isn’t all bad though. Astrology can also point out specific trends that may be highly rewarding for us. Being aware of these positive trends can help us prepare ahead of time and take advantage of these opportunities when they come. In this way, astrology is a helpful tool to help us determine the ideal timing for certain actions.

In addition to revealing patterns, astrology can also be used to help us understand our personalities and relationships better. Each astrological profile highlights particular characteristics that are most defining in our lives. This helps us pinpoint talents and strengths we may possess, while also giving us tips on how to make the most of those qualities.

How is our birth chart determined?

If you know  your birth date and specific time and location of birth, you can find your specific birth chart. Our birth charts reveal our planet-sign-house combinations and the relationships between planets at the time of our birth.

There are twelve houses total:

  1. First house: Aries and Mars
  2. Second house: Taurus and Venus
  3. Third house: Gemini and Mercury
  4. Fourth house: Cancer and the Moon
  5. Fifth house: Leo and the Sun
  6. Sixth house: Virgo and Mercury
  7. Seventh house: Libra and Venus
  8. Eighth house: Scorpio and Pluto
  9. Ninth house: Sagittarius and Jupiter
  10. Tenth house: Capricorn and Saturn
  11. Eleventh house: Aquarius and Uranus
  12. Twelfth house: Pisces and Neptune

Although you may already have a strong grasp on your astrological sign, you may not be aware of what the planet, sun, and moon alignments point towards.

The Sun…

is your core self.

The Moon…

reveals your instinctual nature and your emotional base. Its house placement offers clues to what gives you a sense of well-being.


is the planet of action, and shows what can light a fire under your passions.


centers on romance and friendship, revealing the types of connections we make.


is the planet of growth and good fortune.


is known as the “Great Teacher” and shares lessons on discipline and perseverance.


brings challenges, but fosters growth and rebirth after devastation.


brings sudden shifts and events in areas depending on the House it falls under.


is a beacon for growing spiritually.

Our horoscopes are derived from the planetary alignments and these core ideas. If you are interested in mapping out your birth chart or learning more about astrology, check out Astro.com. This site gives you more details about your astrological profile and read horoscopes related to your personality, relationships, and career.

Do you read horoscopes or frequently use astrology? We’d love to hear about your thoughts on astrology and how you use it as a tool for self-knowledge. Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Shine on,