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Long story short...


Once upon a time in a sleepy Ohio suburb, there were two freshman roommates named Nina and Liz. They boycotted washing dishes, made YouTube videos instead of studying, and thought they had life all figured out.

As it turned out, their adventures in learning and loving themselves were only beginning (and still have a long way to go!). A decade later the two of them teamed up for their next big project, the Wine and Shine Podcast, to share their journey with listeners and inspire them to be their best, most authentic selves.  

The journey has evolved beyond what either of them could have imagined. Nina and Liz sincerely hope their adventures help you in Finding Your Shine.


About Nina

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and founder of Nourished with Nina
  • Most frequently asked question: "Can you make that without dairy?"
  • Wife to Cody, dog mama to Jaxon
  • Free-spirited, musical, always traveling Pisces
  • Believes: Hormones should be balanced, guts should be happy, yoga should be practiced, "woo woo" should be mainstream, and things should be kept off high shelves. 

About Liz

  • Credit union marketer launching a personal finance side hustle 
  • Most frequently asked question: "Do we have to take an Instagram story right now?"
  • Wife to Zach, dog mama to Kobe, cat mama to Felix and Bella
  • Weird-in-a-good-way, foodie, always-quoting-NPR Scorpio
  • Believes: Money has a place in wellness, no one is bad at dancing, hiking does the soul good, and yes you CAN watch The Office all the way through another time and not be sick of it.

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