143 | Taking Off The Mask + Letting Go of Perfection | with Rachel Brooks


Today we are sitting down with fitness and lifestyle coach, podcaster, and founder of I am Athletics, Rachel Brooks! She shares her story of overcoming perfection and years of body issues by changing thought patterns and really digging deep to know herself. We talk about giving yourself grace, letting go of control, and taking off the mask to reveal your true self. Rachel shares how writing her upcoming book, Chasing Perfection, has been a transformative and cathartic experience in her journey of healing. She will also be speaking at the Empowered Voice Conference. This is the final week to purchase tickets, so grab yours today!

We Chat About:

  • Sharing your story to build connection

  • The challenges & benefits of social media

  • Perfection leading to burnout

  • Being realistic about self-care practices

  • Having the power to change your thought patterns

  • Writing as a form of transformation & healing


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142 | Your Inner and Outer Beauty + Mind-Body Connection | with Debbie Penzone

Debbie Penzone.jpeg

Today’s episode is taking place in the new Penzone Salon and Spa in Dublin, OH. Nina is chatting with the CEO and President of Penzone Salon, and the creator and owner of LIT Life + Yoga, Debbie Penzone!

For fifty years, Penzone Salons have been boosting women’s confidence by helping them own their inner and outer beauty. They provide holistic treatments, plant-based organic foods and juices, and a bar for social time to give the community time to unplug. In their conversation, Nina and Debbie talk about the mind-body connection, simple ways to incorporate moving meditation into your everyday, and the critical need to slow down. Debbie shares her story of being a hairstylist, and how she moved into the meditation and yoga space as she’s always been driven to give and help others.

We Chat About:

  • Having awareness of negative self-talk

  • Using breath as a tool to calm or energize

  • The impact your thoughts have on your body

  • Being mindful through moving meditation

  • Using your five senses to stay grounded

  • Beauty regimens as a form of self-care

  • What Debbie is looking forward to in 2020


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141 | Avoiding Burnout, Building Self-Worth + Finding Your Joy | with Davia Roberts


We are so excited for today’s conversation because this episode has been a long time coming! Davia Roberts is licensed therapist who combines her professional training with a holistic approach. She’s a yoga teacher, community organizer, and has a podcast to help individuals on their mental health journey.

Our conversation dives into forms of self-care and building your self-worth, the struggles we face in modern society, combating burnout culture, and creating healthy boundaries. Davia also shares tips for creating a life you love, and emphasizes the importance of giving yourself grace.

Davia will be speaking at the Empowered Voice Conference. It’s only two weeks away, so grab your tickets now!

We Chat About:

  • Combining the woo-woo with her therapy practice

  • Not using labels to avoid expectations

  • Using music & dance for self-care

  • Setting healthy boundaries with clients

  • Basing self-worth on the amount you accomplish

  • Restructuring what we view as fulfilling

  • Removing “should” from our vocabulary

  • Baby steps + giving yourself time to change

  • Finding a therapist that works for you

  • When to see a psychiatrist or therapist


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140 | Busting Myths: Empowered Voice Conference


Today we are getting back to our roots, keeping it casual and real as we bring you another Nina and Liz SOLO episode! Our conversation is all about busting myths around the Empowered Voice Conference  (less than 1 month away!).

Whether you want to grow your brand, start a YouTube channel, create a blog, or simply become more comfortable with expressing your creativity, this event is for you! You’ll be surrounded by incredible women, delicious food, and empowering conversations that leave you feeling motivated and inspired.

The deadline for purchasing tickets is September 16. Get 20% off your ticket today by using the code HAPPYAUGUST! We can’t wait for you to join our Tribe of badass women.

We Chat About:

  • Redefining wellness

  • Topics for the break-out sessions

  • Swag bags ($200 value)!

  • Local & nonlocal vendors


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139 | Practicing Self-Care, Trust + Small Wins


Are you too hard on yourself? Are you trying to do ‘everything,’ while failing to acknowledge the small wins? If so, you are not alone! In this episode, we are riding solo as we ponder the craziness of life, such as overbooking our schedules and not creating enough time for self-care. We chat about sticking to one non-negotiable that brings you joy, and the importance of recognizing when you’re doing a damn good job, even when you aren’t completing every little thing on your to-do list.

If you haven’t purchased your Empowered Voice ticket, the conference is only one month away! Use code HAPPYAUGUST for 20% off your ticket. We can’t wait to see you there!

We Chat About:

  • Importance of saying “no” (it’s a full sentence!)

  • Setting aside YOU time

  • Creating slow mornings for self-care

  • Practicing breath work to calm your body and mind

  • Knowing yourself & optimizing your life to who you are


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138 | Overcoming Disordered Eating + Diet Mentality | with Katelyn Parsons


Today we are joined by Certified Holistic Health Coach, Katelyn Parsons! She helps career-driven women overcome emotional eating and cravings through her Modern Girl Method. It’s a three phase weight-release method that focuses on the emotional, mental and physical. She helps women step away from dieting, develop a healthy mindset, and get lasting results.

In our conversation today, Katelyn shares her powerful story of overcoming years of bulimia to develop a positive relationship with food and her body. We discuss the critical need to change the conversation around diet culture and what society deems as attractive.   If you’ve ever struggled with an eating disorder or anxiety around food, know you aren’t alone, and there are ways to create a healthy and positive relationship to food, your body, and emotions.

We Chat About:

  • Emotional component of eating

  • Being mindful when choosing food

  • Mental piece of coaching

  • Knowing your ideal client

  • The importance of education

  • Using food to help vs. harm you


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137 | Nina and Liz Getting Honest, Real + Touch of Gossip


Hey ladies, Liz is BACK! Today’s episode features a way overdue check-in with the two of us. Liz shares some of the personal details of the difficult time she’s going through, and how she’s been handling it. The conversation takes a talk-show-style turn when we begin dishing out some gossip on personal development gurus… and the importance of finding a self-care routine that works for YOU! We hope you enjoy this casual and friendly (yet slightly morbid) episode—and get ready for next week, because the two of us will be back in full force of inspiration!

We Chat About:

  • Finding strength in difficulty

  • Cutting the comparison game

  • Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation

  • Navigating the difficult sh*t in life

  • #MorbidMonday!!

  • Sticking to your goals

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136 | Empowered Voice Conference: Celebrating Our Supporters

Ladies! The Empowered Voice Conference is just around the corner on September 21st in Columbus, OH. Whether you’re in the wellness space, looking to build a brand, or wanting to connect with some incredible women—this event is for you! The day is all about women empowering women through incredible speakers, women owned businesses, group meditation, and networking with like-minded ladies looking to grow.

You’ll also receive a goodie bag valued at over $200. Some treats include Banza Pasta, Simple Mills, Primal Kitchen, Emmy’s Organic Cookies and Four Sigmatic Elixirs. Thrive Market is including a 1 month free membership! And for our local, Columbus based companies, we have the women owned magazine, Harness Magazine, and Raw Trainer granola supporting you as well!

Speaking of local, Rebel Urban Cafe is sponsoring lunch. They’re organic, non-GMO, vegan, paleo, keto, and gluten-free friendly. Their seafood is wild-caught, and the food is cooked in grass fed butter. Need I say more about their nutrient rich, yummy ingredients?

If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, sales end September 7th, two weeks before the event on September 21st. Visit empoweredvoiceconference.com or search Empowered Voice on eventbrite. Come join our tribe of badass women who are all about empowering one another.

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135 | Hacking Your Hormones Featuring Nina & High Vibin' It Podcast

High Vibin' It Podcast.png

Today’s episode is with the ladies from the High Vibin’ It Podcast, Lynnsey and Kelsey! If you’ve struggled with anxiety, menstrual health, or are looking to learn more about your cycle, this episode is for you.

We start off by exploring the 4 phases within our monthly cycle, and how each hormonal phase affects our emotional state. This leads into how hormonal imbalance affects us mentally, emotionally, and physically. You’ll learn daily steps you can take to begin getting to the core of these imbalances, and the role gut health plays. Plus, simple tools to begin easing stress and anxiety RIGHT NOW! Let’s go!

We Chat About:

  • Nurturing yourself during your menstrual cycle

  • Importance of tracking your cycle

  • Symptoms of having a hormonal imbalance

  • Importance of protein and fat

  • Food intolerances and sensitivities

  • Rituals & herbs for calming stress and anxiety


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134 | Women as Sexual Beings: Libido, Hormones + Body Image | with Dr. Heather Bartos


Today’s guest is a board certified OBGYN and a leading voice in the women’s health space—Dr. Heather Bartos! Dr. Bartos was a gynecologist in the Navy for 12 years before moving into corporate medicine. After becoming fed up with a system that wasn’t providing real solutions, she left and opened her own OBGYN practice. From yoga and meditation, to natural hormones and functional medicine—it’s a village for women’s health!

Our conversation will be digging deep into women’s sexuality, libido, hormones, and positive self-talk. As women, we tend to harbor thoughts and feelings around our sexuality. We develop shame around our sexuality starting at an early age, which affects the way we view our bodies and sex lives. Today, we are opening up a dialogue to begin embracing and understanding the beautiful beings that we as women are!

We Chat About:

  • Pros and cons of birth control

  • What is a diaphragm?

  • Using a Diva Cup

  • Celebrating women’s bodies

  • Smarter babies & bigger butts!

  • Focusing on how you feel vs. look

  • The effect of testosterone on libido

  • The mental component of sex

  • Using your 5 senses to get you in the mood


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133 | Entrepreneurship: Nurturing Customers + Balancing Work & Self-Care | with Sam Vander Wielen


Today we have a returning guest who is also speaking at the Empowered Voice Conference, Sam Vander Wielen! Sam is an attorney-turned-entreprenuer who helps coaches, creatives, and consultants learn how to legally protect and grow their online businesses.

Our conversation digs into being an entrepreneur and running an online business, to setting boundaries for yourself to avoid burnout. As entrepreneurs, it is so easy to get caught up in overthinking tactics and pushing yourself to overwork. Sam gives marketing tips such as connecting with your ideal client, along with sharing her routine for balancing work and fun. Keep an eye out for Sam’s free workshop coming out soon: The First 5 Steps to Legally Protecting and Growing Your Online Business.

We Chat About:

  • Identifying your ideal client

  • Nurturing your customers

  • Importance of self-care to avoid burnout

  • Fears in online business

  • How we “should” all over ourselves

  • Productivity and your environment

  • Finding a routine that works for you

  • Detaching from results


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132 | Ladies Empowerment: Positive Body Image After Double Mastectomy | with Amanda Katherine Loy


Today on the pod we have wellness and mindset coach, Amanda Katherine Loy, joining us to talk about all things body image! Amanda is so open as she talks about her journey of stepping into her unapologetic self after many years of yo yo dieting and having a negative self-image. Right after turning 27 years old, she found out she was positive for the BRCA1 gene, which greatly increased her likelihood of developing breast cancer. As a preventative measure, she had a double mastectomy. Amanda shares how imperative it was that she had worked for years on developing a positive body image, so she could come at that big transition from a healthy place and bring self-love through all of it. We love Amanda’s raw honesty and vulnerability, while being upbeat and positive as she shares her story. Be on the lookout for Amanda’s upcoming book!

We Chat About:

  • Social media’s role in negative body image

  • What are the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes?

  • The importance of community

  • Listening to your body’s needs

  • Body image in relationship to food and exercise 

  • Being an advocate for your own health

  • Facing your fears head on


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131 | Daysy Fertility Tracker, Birth Control, + Body Awareness | with Holly Grigg-Spall


Today we are sitting down with Holly Grigg-Spall, author of Sweetening the Pill and brand ambassador for Daysy Fertility Tracker. This is a must-listen for understanding the difference between fertility trackers, period tracker apps, and forms of contraception. The Daysy allows women to really be in touch with their bodies—not only knowing when you can get pregnant (or not!), but learning about your cycle from a health point of view. We also dig into the topics of body literacy, having open conversations about menstrual cycles, and bringing these topics to our education systems!

We Chat About:

  • How to use the Daysy

  • Nina’s experience using the Daysy

  • Research behind the Daysy (30 years of it!)

  • Getting in touch with our bodies and femininity

  • Understanding your fertility window

  • Tracking fertility cycle for pregnancy

  • History of birth control

  • Books on menstrual cycles

  • Females in research studies


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130 | Pink Moon Rising: Reiki Healing, Epic Candles, & Boss Babes | with Natalie Wise


Today we are chatting with Reiki practitioner and boss babe Natalie Wise, a Columbus local who is helping the community feel great, heal, and SHINE!!

Natalie is the owner of the epically-made and woman-owned company Pink Moon Candles. She uses her intention and her Reiki expertise to infuse candles, crystals, and essential oils with the kindness, authenticity, and collaboration that we all deserve.

We also have a special announcement: Empowered Voice tickets are now only $97!!! This is an event we want as many people to attend as possible, and we really don’t want cost to be a barrier to anyone. Because this event is not about making a lot of money. It’s about bringing women together, sharing our voices, learning how to connect with each other, and sharing what we’re passionate about!! You’ll even be able to meet Natalie!

We Chat About:

  • Natalie’s former life as a lobbyist

  • How she got into Reiki

  • Finding your own North Star

  • Falling into your calling

  • What Reiki is

  • Taking the principles of Reiki into your day-to-day

  • So many blankets

  • How Reiki gives you ownership over your own health

  • Creating Reiki-infused candles and crystals


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129 | Creating Generational Change Now | with Jeanette Schneider


Today we have Jeanette Schneider joining us to chat all things motherhood, generational change, empowerment, and SO much more! You may already know this, but we are HUGE advocates for women stepping into their own power, and Jeanette is all about that, too. We loved this conversation because it opened up the dialogue for us to explore just what we can do and say to dig into seemingly heavy topics. Jeanette is doing so much out in the world to bring these needed convos more approachable and accessible, and we can’t wait for you to dive into this episode and hear all about it!

We Chat About:

  • Leaving her corporate job to fully ignite her passion

  • Stepping into your divine feminine with the patriarchal system

  • Raising strong children

  • Jeanette’s soul growth moment

  • Self help and development

  • The need to hit rock bottom

  • What Jeanette is creating + what she loves

  • Being there as a mom and the dialogue that needs to change

  • The profound conversations that Jeanette has with her daughter


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128 | Women’s Empowerment LIVE – Bonus Episode!

Image from iOS (7).jpg

We have an AMAZING bonus episode for you all today! We hosted a Women’s Empowerment event with Rachel Kerr of The Beauty Boost, and had an incredible convo with our panel that we just HAD to share. The group of women on the panel were full of inspirational words, advice, and they each share parts of their own story and journey that led them to where they are today. We cover so much in today’s conversation! There’s bound to be a nugget of wisdom that you can take away and allow it to grow into your very own empowering mantra!

We Chat About:

  • What each panelist does

  • What empowerment means to each woman

  • Advice they each try to offer themselves

  • Community and what it means for them

  • The different seasons of life

  • Mindfulness techniques each of them use

  • Navigating the world of women’s body image

  • Knowing your worth

  • Finding community in a new place

  • Feelings of imposter syndrome


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127 | Healing: Our Bodies, Our Relationships, and Our Minds | with Kelli Tennant

Kelli Tennant.jpg

We are so excited because today we are chatting it up with Kelli Tennant, wellness advocate and Ceremony Wellness podcast host! After years of battling health issues, Kelli has been on a beautiful healing journey, sharing her healers, doctors, and practitioners with her audience each week. Through her blog and various social platforms, Kelli offers an honest look into what healing and growth through illness looks like, and even offers coaching for women to help them heal, grow, and find their truth. In our convo today, we get back to our roots and talk about women’s health, plant medicine, and collaboration.

We Chat About:

  • Being misdiagnosed for 10+ years

  • What Kelli realized she needed to heal more than what she was eating

  • Other healing modalities on her journey

  • The transition out of sports

  • What Epstein Barr is + healing from it

  • Healing relationship wounds between women

  • Nina giving unsolicited advice

  • Kelli’s ayahuasca experience

  • What Kelli shares on her podcast, Ceremony Wellness

  • Ceremony Wellness Live


Connect With Us:

126 | True Vulnerability, Mental Health, and Doing the Work | with Achea Redd

O14A1592-Edit-Edit (1).jpg

Today we are SO honored to be joined by Achea Redd! She’s a mental health advocate, author, and founder of Real Girls F.A.R.T. As a form of self-expression and healing, Achea created her own blog, sharing her feelings about mental health and authenticity. Achea uses her life experience and mental health disorder to help women find their voice and let it out.

In our conversation today, we get VULNERABLE. The three of us chat about mental health and the stigmas that are still attached to it, anxieties, and the overarching theme that your story is unique to YOU. We can’t wait for you to dive into this amazing convo with Achea!

We Chat About:

  • What Real Girls F.A.R.T. stands for + why it was started

  • Actually farting in front of your significant other

  • What true vulnerability is

  • Using CBD oil to help with symptoms

  • Why she you begin to blog and share her journey

  • Speaking to your inner child and seeing the patterns you’ve formed then

  • What made Achea want to write her upcoming book

  • How difficult it is for children these days

  • Toxic masculinity + mental health for men

  • Finding balance in sharing your message


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125 | Female Empowerment + Motherhood | with McLean McGown


Today on the pod we are SUPER excited to have McLean McGown join us! McLean is a mother of two, wife, Postpartum Doula, Yoga & Pilates teacher, Nutritionist, Buddhist and yoga practitioner. Becoming a postpartum doula led McLean to her truest passion- to support women during one of their most vulnerable times in life and bear witness to their rite of passage into Motherhood.

In our convo today, McLean shares a really vulnerable and open look into motherhood, postpartum, and pregnancy. This is a great episode for all of our amazing listeners because it gives a really honest view of motherhood, and also being a strong woman in her power!

We Chat About:

  • Why McLean became so passionate about helping mothers

  • The differences between midwives and doulas

  • What happened when McLean’s first birth didn’t go as planned

  • The magic of birth

  • Liz’s fears around pregnancy and birth

  • Being humbled in the process

  • Being empowered as a woman and as a pregnant woman

  • Changing the verabage of postpartum

  • Leveraging your community to get the support you need

  • Owning your body as one continuum

  • Figuring out what is the best service to you


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124 | Intuitive Dating, Mindful Relationships, and Energy Healing | with Nikki Novo

NN Centered June-3188-2.jpg

Today on the pod we are joined by Nikki Novo, a bestselling author and intuitive dating coach! Nikki is also a certified hypnotherapist with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, ThetaHealer(r) and Reiki healer, and speaker. In our convo today, we touch on so many topics, from dating and relationships, to spirit guides and energy. (Leave it to us to break out the spiritual talk!) We absolutely loved this conversation with Nikki, and we know you’ll enjoy it, too!

We Chat About:

  • Why Nikki felt a connection to being a dating coach

  • Tools to cultivate self-love

  • Hearing and trusting our intuitive voice

  • Picking up on the energies of others + how that affects relationships

  • Debunking “soulmates”

  • Past lives, spirit guides, and going down the rabbit hole

  • Blending her dating practice with spirituality practice

  • What Nikki sees for her clients after they work together

  • Why Reiki is such a good tool to have

  • Liz’s mini session from Nikki


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