125 | Female Empowerment + Motherhood | with McLean McGown


Today on the pod we are SUPER excited to have McLean McGown join us! McLean is a mother of two, wife, Postpartum Doula, Yoga & Pilates teacher, Nutritionist, Buddhist and yoga practitioner. Becoming a postpartum doula led McLean to her truest passion- to support women during one of their most vulnerable times in life and bear witness to their rite of passage into Motherhood.

In our convo today, McLean shares a really vulnerable and open look into motherhood, postpartum, and pregnancy. This is a great episode for all of our amazing listeners because it gives a really honest view of motherhood, and also being a strong woman in her power!

We Chat About:

  • Why McLean became so passionate about helping mothers

  • The differences between midwives and doulas

  • What happened when McLean’s first birth didn’t go as planned

  • The magic of birth

  • Liz’s fears around pregnancy and birth

  • Being humbled in the process

  • Being empowered as a woman and as a pregnant woman

  • Changing the verabage of postpartum

  • Leveraging your community to get the support you need

  • Owning your body as one continuum

  • Figuring out what is the best service to you


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124 | Intuitive Dating, Mindful Relationships, and Energy Healing | with Nikki Novo

NN Centered June-3188-2.jpg

Today on the pod we are joined by Nikki Novo, a bestselling author and intuitive dating coach! Nikki is also a certified hypnotherapist with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, ThetaHealer(r) and Reiki healer, and speaker. In our convo today, we touch on so many topics, from dating and relationships, to spirit guides and energy. (Leave it to us to break out the spiritual talk!) We absolutely loved this conversation with Nikki, and we know you’ll enjoy it, too!

We Chat About:

  • Why Nikki felt a connection to being a dating coach

  • Tools to cultivate self-love

  • Hearing and trusting our intuitive voice

  • Picking up on the energies of others + how that affects relationships

  • Debunking “soulmates”

  • Past lives, spirit guides, and going down the rabbit hole

  • Blending her dating practice with spirituality practice

  • What Nikki sees for her clients after they work together

  • Why Reiki is such a good tool to have

  • Liz’s mini session from Nikki


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123 | Coming Home To Our Own Stories | with Nina & Liz


We love a good duo episode, and today the two of us are talking all about the big shifts happening in our lives! When we started our podcast, we were the new kids on the wellness block, and now after a few years, it’s amazing all that we’ve learned. Today, we’re each sharing different things that have come up for us, and what we are doing because of them! Be sure to listen in as Liz shares a super exciting life transition, and Nina talks about the shifts happening within her coaching practice.

We Chat About:

  • Liz’s HUGE transition

  • Changing your automatic response

  • Fear standing in the way

  • A shift in Nina’s coaching

  • Women empowerment + women’s bodies

  • The disconnection we have with our bodies


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122 | Shifting Your Conscious + Powering Through FEAR | with Monica Berg


Monica Berg, a self-professed Change Junkie, joins us on the pod today! She shares her combination of wisdom and real-life awareness with talks found compelling to a wide range of men and women at different stages in their lives. Monica is the author of Fear Is Not an Option and serves as Chief Communications Officer for Kabbalah Centre International. We are SO excited for this episode with Monica because her mission is incredible, and she brought a ton of confidence to share! This convo the three of us share is full of laughs, raw honesty, and inspiration– we can’t wait for you to give it a listen!

We Chat About:

  • The start of Monica’s spiritual journey

  • What Kabbalah is

  • How Monica breaks down fear + practices gratitude

  • Monica’s advice for moving past fear

  • The three types of fear

  • Nina + Liz’s fears and how to repaint them

  • Monica’s issue with diagnosis

  • Tool to apply in order to shift your mindset and bust through fear

  • Fear developing through parenting


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121 | Making Decisions For YOUR Body | with Jessica Kapusta


Jessica Kapusta is a blogger and plant-based whole food chef living here, in Columbus, OH. Jessica and Nina have created super fun monthly brunches that are open for anyone who wants a delicious, plant-based meal, and to hear and learn from local small business! On top of all that, Jessica recently started a meal delivery and catering service– she’s doing ALL the things! In our convo today, Jessica shares her personal food journey and discovering that she has celiacs disease, how much of a science nerd she is, and beginning to play more in the kitchen!

We Chat About:

  • Her passion for cooking + going plant-based

  • Discovering allergies in herself and in her husband

  • Celiacs disease

  • Veganism and preconceived around the lifestyle

  • Being judged for your food allergies

  • Nerding out on the science of nutrition + bloodwork

  • Group temperature checks– Liz might be dead!

  • Jessica’s love for cooking

  • Nina’s love for condiments

  • Tips from Jessica


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120 | Being An Advocate For Your Hormonal Health | with Stephanie Zgraggen

Stephanie Zgraggen - Copy.jpg

Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen, the Founder and Clinical Director of Lime and Lotus, joins us on today’s episode! Stephanie is a functional medicine doctor, specializing in thyroid and adrenals, as well as a natural female hormone expert. Her private practice is centered on functional endocrinology, lifestyle modification and whole food supplementation. Her mission is to help women reclaim their hormonal health and feminine vitality naturally. Today, Stephanie shares with us why she decided to study holistic health practices, how she helps her clients, what we should be asking our doctors, and so much more.

We Chat About:

  • Being her own health advocate

  • Where to start in order to be your own advocate  

  • Hormone differences to pay attention to

  • Stress affecting the body, which then affects your period

  • Getting yourself back in balance

  • Advice about the health journey

  • Birth control

  • The gluten + dairy connection with hormonal issues

  • Menopause and Liz not ready to age

  • Stephanie’s go-to supplements + nutrients

  • Extra care around pregnancy + preparing for pregnancy


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119 | The Power of the Group Program | with Nina Boyce


Hey Finding Your Shine fam, it’s just me, Nina, on the pod today! While Liz is livin’ it up in Italy, I thought it would be the perfect time to come on and have a solo episode. For the episode today, I’m giving you all the juicy details of my second round of Empowered Mind, Empowered Body, which is launching in just a few short weeks. I’ll be sharing how much the first group loved their experience, my takeaways from leading it, why I find group coaching such an incredible tool, and so much more!

We Chat About:

  • What to expect from this program

  • Why I started the group course

  • How you can participate

  • Is this for you?

  • Testimonials from the first round of Empowered Mind, Empowered Body

  • Special offer just for FYS listeners!


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118 | Manifesting, The Law of Attraction, and Self-Love | with Kelsey Aida


Kelsey Aida joins us on the pod today! Kelsey is a new friend of Nina’s, and an expert in self-love, manifestation, feng shui, and so many cool other things, plus she’s an author, too. She’s basically everything we want to be! Kelsey has an amazing story of healing herself from a deep depression, and is here today to share the tools and practices that she used. Kelsey also just launched a brand new course all about self-love and how YOU can achieve it, so we talk all about that, too!

We Chat About:

  • Why Kelsey started diving into healing work

  • Real life roadblocks

  • Changing your perspective

  • Using a gratitude journal

  • The Law of Attraction, breakin’ it down

  • Self-Love + Kelsey’s new course

  • Anxiety protecting you + finding the value


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117 | Living Intuitively: Seeing Spirits, Manifestation, and Taking Inspired Action | with Samantha Oliver


We are so excited to have our dear friend, Samantha Oliver, back on the pod! Sam is the voice behind the Gooey Podcast– which we were recently interviewed on! Today, the three of us are catching up on life, sharing ghost stories, and laughing about how crazy we may sound. Sam also shares what inspired her to start a podcast, what is in store for Gooey this year, and how she sparks inspiration wherever she goes. We loved this fun convo with Sam, and we can’t wait for you to give this episode a listen.

We Chat About:

  • Sam’s creatively fluid lifestyle

  • Her podcast, Gooey

  • Mercury Retrograde

  • So… Sam sees dead people?

  • Profound 5 year old Liz

  • The inspiration to move around

  • What is coming for Gooey

  • The need for more femininity

  • Sparking inspiration

  • Manifesting random experiences + being a Projector


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Ep 116 - Honest Conversations Around Sobriety | with Kate Bee


Kate Bee joins us today on the pod! Kate is a coach, and the founder of The Sober School, an online platform with the mission to help women stop drinking in order to create alcohol-free lives that they love. In our conversation today with Kate, we talk about different ways to make not drinking be manageable, changing habits around alcohol, and the program that she offers for women wanting to make the change to stop drinking alcohol.

We Chat About:

  • Kate’s experience that led her to creating The Sober School

  • Sober forever or sober-curious?

  • Rock bottom alcoholics

  • Cultural differences with alcohol + the pressure around drinking

  • The changes that Kate sees in her clients

  • How Kate runs her program

  • Advice around releasing the need for alcohol at special occasions

  • Replacement beverages

  • But what about the antioxidants in wine?!

  • Breaking traditions


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Ep. 115 - Get Out Of Debt + Reach Your Goals - with Amanda Sharratt

Amanda Sharratt.jpg

On the pod today we are joined by Amanda Sharratt! Amanda is a financial coach and self-proclaimed spender, who is most known for knocking out over $140,000 of debt in less than 4 years! After reaching her own financial goals, Amanda knew that she had to share her tools with others, which is what inspired her to begin financial coaching and blogging. In this conversation, the three of of talk about how Amanda and her husband became debt-free, how you too can begin your journey to financial freedom, and SO much more.

We Chat About:

  • Who Amanda was prior to being debt-free

  • How Financial Peace University works

  • Balancing a good life with tackling debt

  • Big habits to shift when wanting to become debt-free

  • Getting down to the nitty-gritty debt details

  • The debt-free scream

  • How a coach can help you get to being debt-free

  • The “baby steps”

  • Credit cards: should we have them?

  • Renting vs. buying

  • Car leasing

  • Differing spending mindsets

  • The “should’s” around money + listening to yourself

  • Investing and saving

  • Communicating your goals to your family and friends


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Ep. 114 - Real Life Big Kid Problems - with Sarah Merrill

Screenshot 2019-03-03 at 22.19.32.png

We have Sarah Merrill on the pod today! Sarah is a comedian and the creator behind Big Kid Problems, a social media platform dedicated to not wanting to #adult. We don’t know about you, but we TOTALLY relate! Sarah never planned for her platform to grow as much as it has, and is a sought after social media expert because of it. She also uses her media presence as a way to connect and speak to a wider audience. This interview with Sarah is so great, not only because she’s hilarious, but because she’s a stand for women to share their voice, which we fully support.

We Chat About:

  • What Big Kid Problems is all about

  • Building a platform

  • Where she gets inspiration from

  • Exploring stand-up comedy + college majors

  • The OG big kid problems that Sarah had

  • Being on the Steve Harvey show + working with PR

  • Faking it until you make it

  • Adulting problems across all ages

  • Moving from New York to Los Angeles

  • The stereotyping around females in comedy

  • Launching her podcast


Connect With Us:

Ep. 113 - Disconnecting to Connect - with Lauren Schwab


Our guest today, Lauren Schwab, has had some seriously intense moments throughout her life! Lauren is the creator of Unplugged Mornings, which focuses on unplugging from the outside world in order for you to truly connect with yourself. She also hosts incredible retreats, and is combining her passions for health, wellness, and helping others to make an impact in this world. If you are ready to sign up for Lauren’s retreat in March, be sure to mention Finding Your Shine at checkout for $600 off! We are SO excited for you to hear this episode!

We Chat About:

  • Figuring out her WHY

  • How Lauren and Nina met

  • The INSANE hoops that the Universe put Lauren through

  • Living in a cave for 60 days– NO BIG DEAL

  • Growing from her experience in a cave

  • Actually becoming unplugged

  • The Unplugged Retreat

  • How Lauren balances plugging in and unplugging


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Ep. 112 - The Two Of Us: Balancing Time, Work + Life - with Nina and Liz


We’re going solo on the pod today! The two of us are sharing all of the exciting things that are going on in our lives and coaching businesses, and even switch it up to ask one another interview questions. We love having guests on the show to learn from, but thought that it would be fun to change things up and have you learn a little more about us!

We Chat About:

  • The shifts that Liz has made in her business

  • The drive to help others

  • What has changed for Nina now that she isn’t teaching

  • Balancing time

  • Nina’s niche clients

  • Who Liz has been attracting as clients

  • How we view others and base our worth on what we see

  • What Nina has learned that has blown her away

  • Our programs and how to work with us


Connect With Us:

Ep. 111 - Using Movement to Move Forward In Life - with Erin Stutland


We are really excited for today’s episode because Erin Stutland is joining us! Erin is a renowned author and a mind-body wellness expert. She is the host and life-style coach of Z Living’s cable series, Altar’d, and was nominated for a Real Screen award. Erin has been featured in TONS of popular media outlets for her workouts, which are made to help create a long, lean body as you rebuild and recover a deeper emotional and spiritual connection with self. We loved this conversation because she shares about her amazing new book, and Erin is full of inspiring movement ideas, and beautiful mantras!

We Chat About:

  • Where Erin found her love for movement

  • How to know what movement styles to use

  • Different mantras to use in your practice

  • The negative stories that hold us back

  • How much a community can build your confidence

  • Erin’s favorite movement

  • How much we despise burpees

  • Making changes in your movement patterns during pregnancy

  • The relationship between food and movement


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Ep. 110 - Necessary To Be Well - with Lisa Hayim


Today on the pod we have registered dietitian, Lisa Hayim! On Instagram, Lisa can be found speaking the truth and offering amazing advice on nutrition, life, and much more– and having SO much fun doing it! Lisa also runs The Well Necessities, which is her nutrition practice and online presence best known for being the place to go for simplified science supported accurate health and nutrition information– and super simple recipes! Lisa’s fresh approach to nutrition and healthy lifestyle is empowering to anyone that comes across her work, clients and IG followers alike. In today’s conversation, the three of us talk about food freedom, social media presence, and living a totally authentic life.

We Chat About:

  • Why vulnerability is so important to Lisa

  • Being herself on Instagram + why that matters

  • Her journey with food freedom

  • Conversations around weight loss that trigger

  • Releasing the need to be in control


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Ep. 109 - Creating Healthier, Happier Relationships with Veronica Grant

Love and Life Coach, Veronica Grant, is joining us today on the pod to talk about– you guessed it: relationships! This episode is great for those of you in the dating world, and those of you looking to better the relationship that you’re in. Veronica is also a fellow podcaster and is the voice behind Love Life Connection. Through her coaching and podcast, Veronica is helping smart, successful women feel good about their love life!

We Chat About:

  • How Veronica got started in love + life coaching

  • Inner child work

  • Missing out on the Tinder generation

  • How to tell if a relationship will last

  • The self-blame game + how to take a different look at it

  • Common stories Veronica hears

  • Veronica’s own relationship story

  • Tools for where to even begin your own relationship healing journey

  • Taking me-time + breaks from dating

  • Veronica’s crazy hitchhiking story


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Ep. 108 - The Moxie Maven: Dropping Your Blocks + Releasing Control - with Alexia Vernon


Today we are so excited to welcome Alexia Vernon to the show! Alexia is a sought-after speaker, coach, consultant and media contributor. She is also an author, the creator and leader of multiple speaker training programs, has delivered transformational keynotes and trainings to top companies, and has been featured on many top media outlets. Today, the three of us talk about anxiety around finding your voice, Alexia’s journey through shifting her life and mindset, and how to step into your best self.

We Chat About:

  • Alexia stepping into the role of a speaker

  • Why women struggle with getting their voice out

  • The focus on meditation with anxiety

  • Talking back to your 3 inner voices

  • Hitting rock bottom and shifting her life

  • Women’s relationship to control

  • Stepping into YOUR moxie


Connect With Us:

Ep. 107 - Being In Flow, Enneagrams, and Intuition - with Women in Dharma


Today we are so excited to introduce you to Krista and Blair of Women in Dharma! These are just 2 of the ladies of the 5 person team running Women in Dharma, a Canadian based wellness company with the mission to show women that they can have it ALL! In this episode, we chat about how Women in Dharma was created, what the Enneagram test is, how Women in Dharma operates as a cooperative based company, and so much more.

We Chat About:

  • What dharma is and why Women in Dharma was created

  • Functioning as a co-op

  • Being a goddess

  • Honoring one another within business

  • Being in flow

  • How Blair found Women in Dharma

  • Enneagram test + we find out our type!

  • Using a weakness as an opportunity for growth

  • What Women in Dharma offers

  • The future of Women in Dharma


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Ep. 106 - Deeply Nourished: Women’s Health, Hormones, and Being Your Own Advocate - with Ellie Thomas


Today on the pod we have Ellie Thomas, women’s wellness and hormone balance coach! Ellie is the voice behind the Well Women Radio podcast, and the creator of the blog, Deeply Nourished For Life. Listen in to hear all about women’s health, hormone balancing, parasites, and how to decide if birth control is right for you.

We Chat About:

  • What Ellie is all about

  • Hormonal imbalances + where they come from

  • Ellie’s personal connection to health + hormonal wellness

  • Being an advocate for yourself

  • Wellness foundations

  • Hormonal health for men

  • When to search for more help + guidance

  • Parasites. Are they common?!

  • Deciding if birth control is right for you


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