Ep. 101 - Get Stacified: Making Mindfulness A Priority with Stacy Kesten

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Today Stacy Kesten joins us on the pod! Stacy is a business coach through Integrated Leadership Systems, which is a leadership consulting firm based out of Columbus, and a professional speaker and consultant. Stacy also happens to be Liz’s business coach! Stacy has an incredible way of bringing mindfulness into her coaching practice, and she also offers a lot of insight when it comes to emotional intelligence and having conversations with coworkers. Stacy adds so much value to our lives in the conversation we have today, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

We Chat About:

  • How much Stacy has helped Liz

  • Finding her way to mindfulness

  • Emotional intelligence and relationships

  • Liz’s drinking game idea

  • Navigating co-working relationships

  • Knowing when to leave a job or just change your mindset

  • How to start diving into a passion

  • Incorporating mindfulness anywhere

  • Creating safe spaces


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