Ep. 102 - Shifting Your Mindset In Wealth + Health with Mandyy Thomas


We are joined by financial coach and speaker, Mandyy Thomas, today! Mandyy helps women to end their money anxiety, and create more options in their life, because of improved finances. Sign us up! Mandyy also has a background in holistic health, and combines that in her coaching to help her clients with the anxiety aspect that personal finance can sometimes bring. Today we chat about ways to shift your scarcity mindset, feeling empowered in your finances, and creating good vibes around your health and financial goals.

We Chat About:

  • Combining holistic health + finance

  • The shame around money

  • Scarcity vs. abundance mindset

  • Journaling

  • Managing worry

  • How Mandyy works with her clients

  • Tracking food + tracking money

  • Transitioning from a 6-figure job

  • Nina’s elevator fear

  • Creating a good feeling around financial + health goals

  • Recommendations for entrepreneurs


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