Ep. 104 - Finding Your Happy Place: Reiki + Energy Work with Megan Trapp

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Today on the pod we have Megan Trapp of Happy Place Reiki join us! Megan is a Reiki Master here in Columbus that has been practicing Reiki for a few years now, and is also a good friend of ours! Megan shares all about her journey into energy work, just what Reiki is, tips on how to cut energetic cords in your life, and SO much more. Plus, we chat about some upcoming events that Megan is hosting and being a part of!

We Chat About:

  • Megan’s first Reiki experience

  • Are we born with intuition?

  • Being a vessel

  • Energetic cord cutting

  • Balancing out time

  • What to expect in a reiki session

  • The chakras + what they’re associated with

  • Placebo or what?

  • Choosing and using affirmations


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