Ep. 109 - Creating Healthier, Happier Relationships with Veronica Grant

Love and Life Coach, Veronica Grant, is joining us today on the pod to talk about– you guessed it: relationships! This episode is great for those of you in the dating world, and those of you looking to better the relationship that you’re in. Veronica is also a fellow podcaster and is the voice behind Love Life Connection. Through her coaching and podcast, Veronica is helping smart, successful women feel good about their love life!

We Chat About:

  • How Veronica got started in love + life coaching

  • Inner child work

  • Missing out on the Tinder generation

  • How to tell if a relationship will last

  • The self-blame game + how to take a different look at it

  • Common stories Veronica hears

  • Veronica’s own relationship story

  • Tools for where to even begin your own relationship healing journey

  • Taking me-time + breaks from dating

  • Veronica’s crazy hitchhiking story


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