Ep. 111 - Using Movement to Move Forward In Life - with Erin Stutland


We are really excited for today’s episode because Erin Stutland is joining us! Erin is a renowned author and a mind-body wellness expert. She is the host and life-style coach of Z Living’s cable series, Altar’d, and was nominated for a Real Screen award. Erin has been featured in TONS of popular media outlets for her workouts, which are made to help create a long, lean body as you rebuild and recover a deeper emotional and spiritual connection with self. We loved this conversation because she shares about her amazing new book, and Erin is full of inspiring movement ideas, and beautiful mantras!

We Chat About:

  • Where Erin found her love for movement

  • How to know what movement styles to use

  • Different mantras to use in your practice

  • The negative stories that hold us back

  • How much a community can build your confidence

  • Erin’s favorite movement

  • How much we despise burpees

  • Making changes in your movement patterns during pregnancy

  • The relationship between food and movement


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