Ep. 112 - The Two Of Us: Balancing Time, Work + Life - with Nina and Liz


We’re going solo on the pod today! The two of us are sharing all of the exciting things that are going on in our lives and coaching businesses, and even switch it up to ask one another interview questions. We love having guests on the show to learn from, but thought that it would be fun to change things up and have you learn a little more about us!

We Chat About:

  • The shifts that Liz has made in her business

  • The drive to help others

  • What has changed for Nina now that she isn’t teaching

  • Balancing time

  • Nina’s niche clients

  • Who Liz has been attracting as clients

  • How we view others and base our worth on what we see

  • What Nina has learned that has blown her away

  • Our programs and how to work with us


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