Ep. 113 - Disconnecting to Connect - with Lauren Schwab


Our guest today, Lauren Schwab, has had some seriously intense moments throughout her life! Lauren is the creator of Unplugged Mornings, which focuses on unplugging from the outside world in order for you to truly connect with yourself. She also hosts incredible retreats, and is combining her passions for health, wellness, and helping others to make an impact in this world. If you are ready to sign up for Lauren’s retreat in March, be sure to mention Finding Your Shine at checkout for $600 off! We are SO excited for you to hear this episode!

We Chat About:

  • Figuring out her WHY

  • How Lauren and Nina met

  • The INSANE hoops that the Universe put Lauren through

  • Living in a cave for 60 days– NO BIG DEAL

  • Growing from her experience in a cave

  • Actually becoming unplugged

  • The Unplugged Retreat

  • How Lauren balances plugging in and unplugging


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