Ep. 115 - Get Out Of Debt + Reach Your Goals - with Amanda Sharratt

Amanda Sharratt.jpg

On the pod today we are joined by Amanda Sharratt! Amanda is a financial coach and self-proclaimed spender, who is most known for knocking out over $140,000 of debt in less than 4 years! After reaching her own financial goals, Amanda knew that she had to share her tools with others, which is what inspired her to begin financial coaching and blogging. In this conversation, the three of of talk about how Amanda and her husband became debt-free, how you too can begin your journey to financial freedom, and SO much more.

We Chat About:

  • Who Amanda was prior to being debt-free

  • How Financial Peace University works

  • Balancing a good life with tackling debt

  • Big habits to shift when wanting to become debt-free

  • Getting down to the nitty-gritty debt details

  • The debt-free scream

  • How a coach can help you get to being debt-free

  • The “baby steps”

  • Credit cards: should we have them?

  • Renting vs. buying

  • Car leasing

  • Differing spending mindsets

  • The “should’s” around money + listening to yourself

  • Investing and saving

  • Communicating your goals to your family and friends


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