Ep 116 - Honest Conversations Around Sobriety | with Kate Bee


Kate Bee joins us today on the pod! Kate is a coach, and the founder of The Sober School, an online platform with the mission to help women stop drinking in order to create alcohol-free lives that they love. In our conversation today with Kate, we talk about different ways to make not drinking be manageable, changing habits around alcohol, and the program that she offers for women wanting to make the change to stop drinking alcohol.

We Chat About:

  • Kate’s experience that led her to creating The Sober School

  • Sober forever or sober-curious?

  • Rock bottom alcoholics

  • Cultural differences with alcohol + the pressure around drinking

  • The changes that Kate sees in her clients

  • How Kate runs her program

  • Advice around releasing the need for alcohol at special occasions

  • Replacement beverages

  • But what about the antioxidants in wine?!

  • Breaking traditions


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