117 | Living Intuitively: Seeing Spirits, Manifestation, and Taking Inspired Action | with Samantha Oliver


We are so excited to have our dear friend, Samantha Oliver, back on the pod! Sam is the voice behind the Gooey Podcast– which we were recently interviewed on! Today, the three of us are catching up on life, sharing ghost stories, and laughing about how crazy we may sound. Sam also shares what inspired her to start a podcast, what is in store for Gooey this year, and how she sparks inspiration wherever she goes. We loved this fun convo with Sam, and we can’t wait for you to give this episode a listen.

We Chat About:

  • Sam’s creatively fluid lifestyle

  • Her podcast, Gooey

  • Mercury Retrograde

  • So… Sam sees dead people?

  • Profound 5 year old Liz

  • The inspiration to move around

  • What is coming for Gooey

  • The need for more femininity

  • Sparking inspiration

  • Manifesting random experiences + being a Projector


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