118 | Manifesting, The Law of Attraction, and Self-Love | with Kelsey Aida


Kelsey Aida joins us on the pod today! Kelsey is a new friend of Nina’s, and an expert in self-love, manifestation, feng shui, and so many cool other things, plus she’s an author, too. She’s basically everything we want to be! Kelsey has an amazing story of healing herself from a deep depression, and is here today to share the tools and practices that she used. Kelsey also just launched a brand new course all about self-love and how YOU can achieve it, so we talk all about that, too!

We Chat About:

  • Why Kelsey started diving into healing work

  • Real life roadblocks

  • Changing your perspective

  • Using a gratitude journal

  • The Law of Attraction, breakin’ it down

  • Self-Love + Kelsey’s new course

  • Anxiety protecting you + finding the value


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