121 | Making Decisions For YOUR Body | with Jessica Kapusta


Jessica Kapusta is a blogger and plant-based whole food chef living here, in Columbus, OH. Jessica and Nina have created super fun monthly brunches that are open for anyone who wants a delicious, plant-based meal, and to hear and learn from local small business! On top of all that, Jessica recently started a meal delivery and catering service– she’s doing ALL the things! In our convo today, Jessica shares her personal food journey and discovering that she has celiacs disease, how much of a science nerd she is, and beginning to play more in the kitchen!

We Chat About:

  • Her passion for cooking + going plant-based

  • Discovering allergies in herself and in her husband

  • Celiacs disease

  • Veganism and preconceived around the lifestyle

  • Being judged for your food allergies

  • Nerding out on the science of nutrition + bloodwork

  • Group temperature checks– Liz might be dead!

  • Jessica’s love for cooking

  • Nina’s love for condiments

  • Tips from Jessica


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