124 | Intuitive Dating, Mindful Relationships, and Energy Healing | with Nikki Novo

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Today on the pod we are joined by Nikki Novo, a bestselling author and intuitive dating coach! Nikki is also a certified hypnotherapist with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, ThetaHealer(r) and Reiki healer, and speaker. In our convo today, we touch on so many topics, from dating and relationships, to spirit guides and energy. (Leave it to us to break out the spiritual talk!) We absolutely loved this conversation with Nikki, and we know you’ll enjoy it, too!

We Chat About:

  • Why Nikki felt a connection to being a dating coach

  • Tools to cultivate self-love

  • Hearing and trusting our intuitive voice

  • Picking up on the energies of others + how that affects relationships

  • Debunking “soulmates”

  • Past lives, spirit guides, and going down the rabbit hole

  • Blending her dating practice with spirituality practice

  • What Nikki sees for her clients after they work together

  • Why Reiki is such a good tool to have

  • Liz’s mini session from Nikki


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