128 | Women’s Empowerment LIVE – Bonus Episode!

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We have an AMAZING bonus episode for you all today! We hosted a Women’s Empowerment event with Rachel Kerr of The Beauty Boost, and had an incredible convo with our panel that we just HAD to share. The group of women on the panel were full of inspirational words, advice, and they each share parts of their own story and journey that led them to where they are today. We cover so much in today’s conversation! There’s bound to be a nugget of wisdom that you can take away and allow it to grow into your very own empowering mantra!

We Chat About:

  • What each panelist does

  • What empowerment means to each woman

  • Advice they each try to offer themselves

  • Community and what it means for them

  • The different seasons of life

  • Mindfulness techniques each of them use

  • Navigating the world of women’s body image

  • Knowing your worth

  • Finding community in a new place

  • Feelings of imposter syndrome


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