133 | Entrepreneurship: Nurturing Customers + Balancing Work & Self-Care | with Sam Vander Wielen


Today we have a returning guest who is also speaking at the Empowered Voice Conference, Sam Vander Wielen! Sam is an attorney-turned-entreprenuer who helps coaches, creatives, and consultants learn how to legally protect and grow their online businesses.

Our conversation digs into being an entrepreneur and running an online business, to setting boundaries for yourself to avoid burnout. As entrepreneurs, it is so easy to get caught up in overthinking tactics and pushing yourself to overwork. Sam gives marketing tips such as connecting with your ideal client, along with sharing her routine for balancing work and fun. Keep an eye out for Sam’s free workshop coming out soon: The First 5 Steps to Legally Protecting and Growing Your Online Business.

We Chat About:

  • Identifying your ideal client

  • Nurturing your customers

  • Importance of self-care to avoid burnout

  • Fears in online business

  • How we “should” all over ourselves

  • Productivity and your environment

  • Finding a routine that works for you

  • Detaching from results


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