134 | Women as Sexual Beings: Libido, Hormones + Body Image | with Dr. Heather Bartos


Today’s guest is a board certified OBGYN and a leading voice in the women’s health space—Dr. Heather Bartos! Dr. Bartos was a gynecologist in the Navy for 12 years before moving into corporate medicine. After becoming fed up with a system that wasn’t providing real solutions, she left and opened her own OBGYN practice. From yoga and meditation, to natural hormones and functional medicine—it’s a village for women’s health!

Our conversation will be digging deep into women’s sexuality, libido, hormones, and positive self-talk. As women, we tend to harbor thoughts and feelings around our sexuality. We develop shame around our sexuality starting at an early age, which affects the way we view our bodies and sex lives. Today, we are opening up a dialogue to begin embracing and understanding the beautiful beings that we as women are!

We Chat About:

  • Pros and cons of birth control

  • What is a diaphragm?

  • Using a Diva Cup

  • Celebrating women’s bodies

  • Smarter babies & bigger butts!

  • Focusing on how you feel vs. look

  • The effect of testosterone on libido

  • The mental component of sex

  • Using your 5 senses to get you in the mood


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