137 | Nina and Liz Getting Honest, Real + Touch of Gossip


Hey ladies, Liz is BACK! Today’s episode features a way overdue check-in with the two of us. Liz shares some of the personal details of the difficult time she’s going through, and how she’s been handling it. The conversation takes a talk-show-style turn when we begin dishing out some gossip on personal development gurus… and the importance of finding a self-care routine that works for YOU! We hope you enjoy this casual and friendly (yet slightly morbid) episode—and get ready for next week, because the two of us will be back in full force of inspiration!

We Chat About:

  • Finding strength in difficulty

  • Cutting the comparison game

  • Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation

  • Navigating the difficult sh*t in life

  • #MorbidMonday!!

  • Sticking to your goals

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