138 | Overcoming Disordered Eating + Diet Mentality | with Katelyn Parsons


Today we are joined by Certified Holistic Health Coach, Katelyn Parsons! She helps career-driven women overcome emotional eating and cravings through her Modern Girl Method. It’s a three phase weight-release method that focuses on the emotional, mental and physical. She helps women step away from dieting, develop a healthy mindset, and get lasting results.

In our conversation today, Katelyn shares her powerful story of overcoming years of bulimia to develop a positive relationship with food and her body. We discuss the critical need to change the conversation around diet culture and what society deems as attractive.   If you’ve ever struggled with an eating disorder or anxiety around food, know you aren’t alone, and there are ways to create a healthy and positive relationship to food, your body, and emotions.

We Chat About:

  • Emotional component of eating

  • Being mindful when choosing food

  • Mental piece of coaching

  • Knowing your ideal client

  • The importance of education

  • Using food to help vs. harm you


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