141 | Avoiding Burnout, Building Self-Worth + Finding Your Joy | with Davia Roberts


We are so excited for today’s conversation because this episode has been a long time coming! Davia Roberts is licensed therapist who combines her professional training with a holistic approach. She’s a yoga teacher, community organizer, and has a podcast to help individuals on their mental health journey.

Our conversation dives into forms of self-care and building your self-worth, the struggles we face in modern society, combating burnout culture, and creating healthy boundaries. Davia also shares tips for creating a life you love, and emphasizes the importance of giving yourself grace.

Davia will be speaking at the Empowered Voice Conference. It’s only two weeks away, so grab your tickets now!

We Chat About:

  • Combining the woo-woo with her therapy practice

  • Not using labels to avoid expectations

  • Using music & dance for self-care

  • Setting healthy boundaries with clients

  • Basing self-worth on the amount you accomplish

  • Restructuring what we view as fulfilling

  • Removing “should” from our vocabulary

  • Baby steps + giving yourself time to change

  • Finding a therapist that works for you

  • When to see a psychiatrist or therapist


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