142 | Your Inner and Outer Beauty + Mind-Body Connection | with Debbie Penzone

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Today’s episode is taking place in the new Penzone Salon and Spa in Dublin, OH. Nina is chatting with the CEO and President of Penzone Salon, and the creator and owner of LIT Life + Yoga, Debbie Penzone!

For fifty years, Penzone Salons have been boosting women’s confidence by helping them own their inner and outer beauty. They provide holistic treatments, plant-based organic foods and juices, and a bar for social time to give the community time to unplug. In their conversation, Nina and Debbie talk about the mind-body connection, simple ways to incorporate moving meditation into your everyday, and the critical need to slow down. Debbie shares her story of being a hairstylist, and how she moved into the meditation and yoga space as she’s always been driven to give and help others.

We Chat About:

  • Having awareness of negative self-talk

  • Using breath as a tool to calm or energize

  • The impact your thoughts have on your body

  • Being mindful through moving meditation

  • Using your five senses to stay grounded

  • Beauty regimens as a form of self-care

  • What Debbie is looking forward to in 2020


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