127 | Healing: Our Bodies, Our Relationships, and Our Minds | with Kelli Tennant

Kelli Tennant.jpg

We are so excited because today we are chatting it up with Kelli Tennant, wellness advocate and Ceremony Wellness podcast host! After years of battling health issues, Kelli has been on a beautiful healing journey, sharing her healers, doctors, and practitioners with her audience each week. Through her blog and various social platforms, Kelli offers an honest look into what healing and growth through illness looks like, and even offers coaching for women to help them heal, grow, and find their truth. In our convo today, we get back to our roots and talk about women’s health, plant medicine, and collaboration.

We Chat About:

  • Being misdiagnosed for 10+ years

  • What Kelli realized she needed to heal more than what she was eating

  • Other healing modalities on her journey

  • The transition out of sports

  • What Epstein Barr is + healing from it

  • Healing relationship wounds between women

  • Nina giving unsolicited advice

  • Kelli’s ayahuasca experience

  • What Kelli shares on her podcast, Ceremony Wellness

  • Ceremony Wellness Live


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