Ep. 84 - Getting to Know Thyself - with Christina Rice



Christina Rice is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Primal Health Coach (with a unique background in psychology and film) dedicated to helping you find YOUR version of wellness so you can live your healthiest life. She’s also a host of two podcasts: Wellness Realness and Straight Up Paleo.

Christina doesn’t mince words in this episode, sharing everything she thinks about some of the trends in the nutrition and wellness industry – like the problem with intuitive eating and why it doesn’t work for everybody (at least not without putting in some work to heal first) – why we all need to invest more in ourselves, and what she believes are the best first steps anyone can take to start fixing their own health.


We Chat About:

  • The unfortunate reality of healthcare

  • YOU are the best product that you could possibly invest in!

  • Looking for a personal quarterback

  • How Christina’s psychology background affects her nutrition work

  • The different definitions of mindful eating

  • Learning to quiet your mind

  • Creating boundaries for yourself and your technology

  • Your first step should be becoming more aware of what you’re eating – not cutting everything out

  • Whole foods diet

  • The different reasons we crave food

  • You’ll never fix your health problems if you don’t get your stress in check