Ep. 86 - More than Kale + Green Juice: Getting to the Root of Wellness - with Dana Barron + Bridget Shannon of Wellness Lately

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Dana Barron and Bridget Shannon are the two hilarious bloggers behind Wellness Lately, a site they started with the goal of sharing all of the wellness info and #inspo we can handle – with a healthy dose of cynicism and humor!

But we end up going waaaaaay deeper than your typical wellness in this conversation. We get into things like our subconscious thoughts, privilege, and diversity: the kind of holistic discussions we are going to bring you more of in Finding Your Shine, with all of the laughs + light that you’ve gotten used to over these many months!


We Chat About:

  • How Wellness Lately came to be

  • The blog + how writing is Bridgett and Dana’s form of expression

  • Thoughts on alcohol breaks

  • Imposter syndrome as writers

  • Planning content

  • Time management

  • Dana + Bridget’s advice on feeling stuck

  • Working non-traditional jobs – now with babies!

  • Mom life and what that looks like as an entrepreneur

  • Stop pretending like you’re perfect on social media

  • Wellness is so much more than trends + kale

  • How your beliefs affect your wellness

  • White privilege

  • Leading with compassion + intelligence

  • Wellness Lately is starting a podcast in the Fall!

  • We all have the ability to do SOMETHING, no matter what community or industry we’re in




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