Ep. 87 - Women’s Empowerment Event at Hopewell - Live Podcast!

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Today’s guests are 6 amazing women that spoke at our event with The Beauty Boost at Hopewell, a coworking space here in Columbus. The incredible women that joined us are; Caroline Franco, social influencer + college senior; Sam Oliver, blogger + entrepreneur; Rachel Kerr, owner of The Beauty Boost; Ashley Rector, creator behind Harness Magazine; Amy White, fitness instructor + model; Julie Wojno, intuitive eating health coach.

We chat about what empowers each of them as women, how to handle stress, family support, and SO much more. This experience was just so incredible, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this live recording with you!


We Chat About:

  • What inspires everyone

  • How to deal with negative talk from friends, family, and society

  • Signs from the Universe

  • Body positivity

  • Connecting with others and creating a community

  • How to create baby steps to make a big change, or how to just go for it

  • Finding what lights you up- but not making a business out of it

  • How to handle stress and center yourself

  • Affirmations, words, phrases that help us all stay grounded

  • How to release relationships that are no longer serving you




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