Ep. 90 - The Creative Ripple Effect - with Alexia Montgomery


Social media specialist and all around phenomenal person, Alexia Montgomery, joins us today on the pod to talk about creativity and where to begin/grow as a creative. Alexia’s story is rooted in fashion, photography, social media, and well, really anything creative!

We met Alexia in our fashion model days (shoutout to Happy Go Lucky!) because she runs the boutique’s social media. Alexia is so full of helpful tips for social media + creativity, and has a lot to say about fashion and trends. This convo was SO much fun + is great for those trying to figure out and expand upon their own creativity!

We Chat About:

  • Meeting at Happy Go Lucky  

  • Bringing creativity to business accounts

  • What it’s like working for a boutique  

  • How much Liz loves The Devil Wears Prada

  • Going to a performing arts school

  • Switching up college majors from fashion to neuroscience

  • The shift in traditional education

  • Dabbling in creativity + reframing your mindset

  • Moving + connecting to the creative scene in Columbus

  • Finding friends + relationships via social media

  • Being a creative and not knowing where to start or what to pick

  • Childhood wonder + critiques that stay with us into adulthood


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