Ep. 94 - Healing Crystals + High Vibes - with Energy Muse


Today we are talking all things spiritual, high vibe, and WOO. Energy Muse, a company all about promoting conscious living through the use of crystals, chats with us on the pod. The founders, Timmi and Heather, join us to share all about how they got into the spiritual world, why they find crystal energy so important, and how they came to be known as Energy Muse. This episode is SURE to get you feeling high vibe and lit UP, and may even inspire you to go out and find a crystal just for you!

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Have you downloaded the app, Align Mindfulness, yet? It’s our fav new way to connect with ourselves throughout the day! We have our phones on us all of the time, and downloading this app has really helped us focus on the moment by sending out perfectly curated messages like, “What does the air smell like?” It also saves our answers to each message, which allows us to look back on our days and reflect. The app is totally free, so be sure to download it in your app store now!

We have been really loving this all-natural matcha mask from our friends over at Teami! Anytime we start to feel like a breakout is coming, we take a few minutes to apply the face mask and let it do its thing! Honestly, it feels like a little tingle massage for your face. Plus, we love that Teami makes quality products, with natural ingredients, which we LOVE. Head on over to teamiblends.com and use our code SHINE15 for 15% off your order!

We Chat About:

  • Timmi and Heather’s friendship + how they got into crystals

  • Nina’s dog and his connection to energy

  • How to cleanse your space

  • Why crystals make us feel differently

  • The history of crystals

  • The Divine Feminine

  • How to pick a crystal for you

  • Can you have too many crystals?

  • Ways to absorb the crystal energy + how crystals can help you

  • Balancing chakras with crystals

  • Liz’s obsession with fool's gold

  • All about their book, Crystal Muse


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