Ep. 95 - Fun And Fashionable - with Candace Read


Today we are getting our fashion on with Columbus blogger and fashion influencer, Candace Read. Candace is so amazing, and she made us both want to shop, and figure out just what our personal style is! We talked a lot about Candace’s inspiring story, as well as the good and not-so-good publicity that the world of fashion receives. Candace offers such great tips and tricks to figure out just what works for you when it comes to fashion and style!

We Chat About:

  • Candace’s story + how she got into fashion

  • Fun Columbus fact - It’s considered a fashion capital!

  • Branding herself as a Columbus blogger before moving to Columbus

  • How Candace established herself as an influencer

  • Different styles

  • Helping Nina determine her style

  • Different body shapes

  • Candace’s background in pagents

  • Imprinting while shopping

  • Quality vs. quantity in your wardrobe

  • Fall fashion trends

  • Capsule wardrobes: what they are + do they work



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