Ep. 96 - Money Mindset + Female Financial Empowerment - with Amy Schultz


Amy Schultz joins us today on the pod! Amy is a personal financial coach with a calling to empower women to take control over their finances and gain the independence they desire. Let’s be real, we all have questions and uncertainties surrounding money, and this conversation is super helpful and encouraging with topics like saving, retirement, and planning for kids. This episode is sure to be one you play on repeat, and we can’t wait for you to feel financially empowered!   

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We Chat About:

  • Amy’s background in money management

  • Leaving her job to start her own business

  • Being a shopaholic

  • Money blocks + scarcity mindset

  • What Amy notices most with her clients

  • Bringing up money in conversations

  • Feeling isolated in money struggles

  • Savings and debt

  • Goals around money

  • Food expenses and keeping them in check. PLUS our take on food subscriptions!

  • Buying vs. renting

  • Children and financially preparing for them


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